Chocolate Chip, Peanut butter, Banana "Ice Cream"

I think we decided to skip right over spring and go straight for summer, friends.

This is a HEAT WAVE that we’re having! 90 degrees in April is just silly. Sure it’s nice now but what will it be like in August?

Huh? Huh?

We’ve really been enjoying the warmer weather though. It means we can take walks and play outside more.

Isn’t he the cutest thing with his cheeks?
Riley is my little helper…he’s gonna make a great husband someday.

Playing at the park! He loves to swing!

Warmer weather also means that my garden is growing! AHHH!!!
I’m really excited about that! I can’t wait to have veggies coming out of my ears this summer! At least I hope.
Another thing I’m slowly venturing into is Raw Veganism. Not full fledged but my goal is to shoot for 50% raw. If you’re not familiar with what that means, check out this link for a great definition. In a nutshell, it’s all the concepts of Veganism but you eat your food raw. Uncooked. Or not cooked above a certain temperature. Most people do this by using a dehydrator. Which up until Saturday, I did not own. I was at the library a couple weeks ago and out of shear curiosity I checked out a raw cookbook. Talk about an oxymoron right? Well, almost everything in it required a dehydrator. So for the heck of it I asked if anyone on Facebook had one they didn’t want any more. Wouldn’t I be the lucky to get a response from my sweet friend Erin! She had one in her garage, still in the packaging, that she wanted to GIVE me! I know. I freaked out too! Since then, I’ve been getting crazy with the dehydrator! I love it! I don’t love that it typically takes 12 hours to cook something so I’ve worked around that by putting whatever I want in it at night so it’s ready in the morning. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve made so far! And no, no fruit leather or banana chips for me–YET!
Made from sprouted chickpeas (my own!), lemon, parsley, tahini, onion, cumin, garlic and tamari.
Roll these up after 8 hours in a lettuce leaf with avocado, tomato and red onion. So tasty!

Sunflower seed sausages!
Made from ground sunflower kernels, carrot, celery, cabbage, onion and Braggs liquid aminos.
Rance said and I quote, “If this is RAW, I don’t wanna be right!”
These were demolished! And only 4 hours on these.
Pizza crackers!
Made from sprouted wheat (my own!), tomatoes, fresh basil, 
nutritional yeast, garlic, tamari and olive oil.
You just puree in a blender, spread in a thin layer on a dehydrator sheet and 
break apart once cooked.
Riley LOVED these! 

Look how cool they came out! 
Full of wholesome goodness because they weren’t cooked to oblivion 
and didn’t lose their nutrients!

Needless to say I’m having a blast trying new things with that new handy dandy device but rest assured,  we’ve been doing plenty of real cooking too. Like the BBQ we had this weekend. Oh. M. Gee. We made an obscene amount of vegetables on the grill and made massive grinder sandwiches with avocado and homemade red pepper hummus. And when I say massive, I mean massive.


I totally had to squash it and turn my head sideways to eat this bad boy.

And obviously I had no problem finishing it either!

Now, what kind of summer would it be without ice cream? It’s something that most of us have all grown up eating. You can’t really think about summertime without an image of a kid holding a melting ice cream cone in his hand now can ya? Well, this recipe will satisfy all of your wants and needs for ice cream plus leave you feeling guilt free! Why? Because there is no dairy, no cream and no crap in it!
Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Banana “Ice Cream”
Makes 5 – 1/2 cup servings
PPV: 2 per serving
Protein: 5 grams per serving
4 medium bananas, chopped, then frozen for at least 24 hours
2 tablespoon all natural chunky peanut butter
2 tablespoons dark chocolate or cacao chips
1/4 cup organic plain soy milk (or other non-dairy milk of choice) 
Place all ingredients in the food processor.
Turn it on and let it work. You may have to stop and scrape down the sides. Here it is about half way done.
You want it to work until it looks like this. Just like soft serve ice cream.
There you go! This stuff looks JUST like ice cream! Gets thick and everything!
Scoop it out and enjoy! 
Think of a McFlurry or Blizzard. You could go crazy with add ins and toppings here and it would still be a ton better for you then ice cream! Plus, the fiber from the bananas leave you 
full instead of wanting more. This stuff is magic! 
Oh! And you can freeze your leftovers and they only get better with time.

The hubs always loves when I make this stuff. 
He prefers frozen berries, cocoa powder and agave mix-ins.

Riley loved it!

Oh and my poor wee was yearning for some! I gave him some regular banana instead.

Now you have a guilt free dessert to try out on your family. This stuff really does rock. Its a great way to use up bananas before they go bad on you.
So now you know what I’ve been up to and eating. We’re still juicing everyday too! What is it about warmer weather and sunshine that makes you have a positive outlook on life? Is it just me? After I’ve been outside for awhile I start to appreciate things more. The beautiful blossoms, the butterflies, my able bodied healthy children…ah, life is such a gift!  
Get out there and enjoy yours. 
With some banana ice cream in hand, of course. 

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