A New-To-Me Vegan Restaurant

I don’t get very many chances to hang out with my mom…

Sure I SEE her everyday but my boys get most of her attention.

I missed her!!

So when she asked me if I wanted to spend the day together, just her and I, and try a new Vegan restaurant she’d found, I jumped at the chance! I rarely get the chance to go out to dinner much less with my mom. Being a single income family as well as Vegan really means we have to be smart with budgeting and meal planning. My mom was the one treating today though. She’d already done all the planning! She even used the www.happycow.net website that I recommended to her awhile back and everything. 

I was SO proud of her!!

She chose Bright Star Thai Vegan restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga. They have been open since 2005 and had received 4 out of 5 “Happy Cows” on the website.

Now, I have been to Rancho tons of times and I had NEVER seen this place. How could I have been so blind? It’s amazing what you see when you actually start to look for things. And boy does THAT go for all aspects of life.

Can I get an amen?

Sipping my Thai tea…Oh! I was so excited!

My sweet mom enjoying some Miso soup

Yeah, I was snapping photos like a crazy person again.

We had arrived and I was on cloud nine! 

I couldn’t help it! This was only my second Vegan restaurant EVER!!! 

Their menu had everything from Thai cuisine to burgers, wraps and pancakes! It was also really affordable. With a variety of lunch specials for only $6.95 you can’t beat it. All combos came with your choice of tofu, soy chicken, soy beef, soy pork or soy fish. Plus, Miso soup, salad, a fried dumpling and steamed brown rice. 
We started our meal with some spring rolls that were stuffed with glass noodles, baked tofu, mushrooms, and veggies with a side of plum dipping sauce. 
These were so good!!
Then we ordered our entrees. I went with the yellow curry soy chicken and mom got the Kung Pao soy chicken. Both were so full of taste-bud-popping flavor it was unreal!

And what meal would be complete without dessert. Banana and coconut spring rolls with coconut pistachio ice cream. To die for! Granted, the spring rolls WERE fried but this was a treat. Not just another meal out. So when in Rome…
I can’t tell you how good it feels to walk into a restaurant and know that you can order anything you want without care as to animal products being in it or not! We both felt so light and energized after our meal together and THAT was a first. In the past we would always bog ourselves down with some kind of animal product rich, unhealthy, carb/fat loaded meal and feel so tired and guilty afterward. Always asking ourselves, “WHY?!!“. 
Not today though. 
Today, everything changed. 
We started a new tradition. One that we could feel good about. Thanks for a great day, mom! I can’t wait to do it again.

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