The Latest and Greatest Vegan Cupcakes

When “Ms. Coffeehouse’s” ringtone *the cheers theme* started to play from my cell phone, my heart skipped a beat…

Hey, don’t judge!

Stumbling over the highchair and diving for my phone like a baseball player slides into home base, I missed the call!


But she left the sweetest message that was music to my ears…

“Hey sweetie! We’re gonna need two dozen more of your cupcakes so give me a call…”

I did a little shimmy and shared the news with my husband before calling her back.

She wanted my latest and greatest invention for St. Patty’s day as well as something new and fun to keep people interested in the new “VEGAN” Baking Queen’s cupcakes. I was more excited about this then any other order I’d ever done! And I’ve done a lot.


Well, this gives me a chance to REALLY get in there and create. Something I don’t often get to do. Sure, I’m always in the kitchen filling orders but with the exception of adding new herbs and spices to the whole food, plant-based recipes, it’s pretty standard stuff. It doesn’t compete with gorgeous, yummy, fluffy cupcakes that will be displayed in a glass case for the public to purchase!!


So to the store and the drawing board I went…and THIS is what I came up with!

First things first. Vegan cupcakes need to set themselves apart from regular mainstream cupcakes. It’s almost like they have something to prove. They need to be the complete package of beauty AND brains. Look good and taste good. They need to yell at the world and say, “Yeah, I’m awesome and guess what? I don’t have any animal products in me! Now what! Boom.”

To accomplish this, I believe less is more. The cupcake needs to leave you wanting more and thinking to yourself, “Wow…What just happened here?”. It all starts with the frosting. There shouldn’t be so much on it that you have to tilt your head to the side to eat it. It should be swirled on top and filled with amazingly rich, pure and decadent flavor. Just enough to lure you in, keep you excited and salivating to sink your teeth in further. The cake itself needs to be moist and full of flavor but not too sugary. The last thing you want is to feel like the cupcake was too much. It needs to be the perfect balance of sweet surrender and blissful satisfaction…

Today, I think I accomplished this.

Meet Miss Peppermint Patty. A sweet thing dressed in her shammy shams for St. Patty’s Day. She’s a classic chocolate cupcake topped with a rich minty buttercream frosting and drizzled with a pure Vegan chocolate ganache. The perfect marriage of peppermint and chocolate. She comes with a cute St. Patty’s Day decoration on top too (not pictured). 

And here’s her sister Peanut Butter Bombshell! This one is a little vixen all dressed in leopard! She’s a dark chocolate mocha cupcake filled AND frosted with luscious peanut buttercream and topped with Newman’s Own organic dark chocolate shavings. I’m sorry, Reese who?

Starting tomorrow these beauties will be featured at The Grind Coffeehouse in Apple Valley!

How excited am I? I have so many ideas for Easter and Mother’s Day and for Grads, and, and!!


Would it be weird to hideout and watch people’s faces as they bite into them?

Yeah, OK I thought so too.

How about you just tell me how you like them instead? Deal!

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