Vegan Las Vegas!

Hubby: “It’s going to be a beautiful weekend…

Me: “I know…We should do something…

Hubby: “We should!

Me: (chuckling) “Yeah, like run off to Vegas for the weekend!

Hubby: “Exactly.

Did I think we’d really do it?

That all the stars would somehow miraculously align and we’d REALLY go?


But they did. And we went!

I’ve been to Vegas dozens of times over the years but because of our new lifestyle, this was going to be like going for the very first time. No more “deals” like these…

We would be embarking on so much more! A real adventure!

This was not only our first trip overnight as a family of four but it was also our first trip as a VEGAN family, anywhere! And if Weight Watchers has taught me anything it’s that failing to plan is planning to fail so I immediately started to plan.

For starters, Rance booked a studio suite for us at Palms Place that came with a full kitchen.

A Vegan girl’s dream!

I then downloaded the app for my Android called Happy Cow, A Compassionate Eating Guide. It gave me a list of restaurants and grocery stores that would accommodate our lifestyle no matter what location we were in. The first place that popped up was Pura Vida Bakery and Bystro by Chef Mayra. It was 100% Vegan! Once we arrived to Las Vegas, this would be our first stop.

Amazing food. Amazing prices. But poor wait time! Everything is made to order, no microwaves etc. This would have been OK if we didn’t have two children under the age of three who have extremely short attention spans.
The first course we got was gone before I could take a picture. We were THAT hungry and it was THAT good. The second course was also amazing. Empanadas, breakfast potatoes, tofu “eggs”, beans with Vegan cheese… I can’t even do it justice because I don’t know everything that was in it!

My boys at Pura Vida…
Overall, it was an unbelievable place to eat. I would definitely go back again, just minus the kids.
Second stop on the list was Whole Foods Market on Las Vegas Boulevard!
We decided to buy things to prepare a few meals in our room and food for easily accessible snacks. Granted, some of these foods are still “processed” but we went with trusted Vegan brands like, Amy’s, Yves and 365.We also paired the meals with whole food side dishes as much as possible and did the best we could. This was far better for us then eating out on a whim and risking our health and wellness for something cheap and fast. 
The first night we were there we went with a Vegan Pizza and salad that we purchased. This was also devoured before any pictures could be taken. The second night I made this.
 Riley enjoyed some non-dairy organic macaroni and cheese for his dinner with Organic strawberries!
For breakfast the second day we enjoyed these! Very tasty and the nutrition facts were impressive.

We got these for Riley along with some soy yogurt.

 He felt right at home…

I know that it isn’t always realistic to buy and prepare all of your meals when you are on vacation. Besides, who would want to? That’s one of the fun parts of going away. Let someone else do all the work! So I highly encourage you to do some research before hand. See where there are Vegan-friendly restaurants. We ordered room service one day and had the steel cut oats sent up with some soy milk. We had fresh whole grain bagels with peanut butter and fruit for Riley. We also went to a local Subway and had loaded up veggie subs with avocado, minus the mayo and cheese. The options are endless if you just know HOW to order and WHERE to go! Another great resource is 
I will definitely be utilizing these resources again when our family takes a trip to Disneyland at the end of the month! We’ll be making it the “Vegan-friendliest place on Earth” this year.
A fun fact I came across when I was researching places to eat in Las Vegas was that Steve Wynn is also a Vegan! Ha! The man boasts that anywhere you go in his hotels you will find a Vegan-friendly menu. All 18 restaurants AND the buffet! 
I think THAT’S where we’ll be staying next time! An amazing article on how it all came to be for him, here.
We had a great trip and it was a good way to put our family to the test. Had we really made this a lifestyle change? Was this something we were really serious about? The answer was yes. We had conquered Las Vegas with no animal-products! I think we passed the test with flying colors!

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