A Day In The Life

“What do you eat?

That’s one of the number one questions people have asked me on my weight loss journey.

Even more so now that I’m following a whole foods, plant-based diet. Only now with a bit more emphasis on the “What?!” and a lot more emphasis on the look on their face.

So today’s blog is just that. 
WHAT I basically eat on a day to day basis. 
Along with what I’m feeding my family. Because let’s face it, without their support I’d be nowhere. Also my protein counts and Points Plus Values. This way my calorie counting friends and gastric bypass friends can see how much I’m getting and that it IS possible to get an adequate amount. More on the recommended protein requirements for women post-op here. I’ve set my own personal amount at 70 grams because I’m an active, nursing mother. Most people are delusional about how much protein you really need. An amazing article debunking the myths, here.
The PPV is to show that you really can’t over eat healthy foods and even at the end of the day I’m under what would have been my daily points target.
Typically I’m up by 5 o’clock am everyday and I have equal amounts of coffee with Organic soy milk and a banana. This makes the perfect pre-workout mini meal for me.
Protein: 6 grams PPV: 1
I then try to get in 30-60minutes of activity. This is usually based on the wake time of my toddler and the nursing time of my 7 month old. Most days it IS feasible though. Today I chose to try out a new DVD that Weight Watchers is now selling! I did the Upper Body boot camp and varied my weights from 5-12 pounds. It was a great workout and it forced me to drink my water! Double bonus! 
Then sunshine #1 wakes up and my day begins. He typically has a bar-either homemade or these, a soy yogurt, fruit and his vitamin gummies… 
Over the course of an hour. 

Then it’s my turn. Sometimes I have oatmeal and other days I have a smoothie. Today was a smoothie kind of day. Here’s what went in it.
Gotta admit that the Hemp protein isn’t the greatest tasting protein in the world but it does do the job. Keeps me super full too. Whey protein is from cows so we’ve done away with it in our home. I’m going to try brown rice protein and I’ll let you know how that goes later!

The finished smoothie with nice stats. Protein: 30 grams PPV: 6
*The day has only begun and I’m already half way to my protein goal of 70 grams!
Then I follow it up with my supplements…not all of these at once. I have to spread them out. It’s a shame that I have had a surgery that will force me to supplement for the rest of my life. That’s what happens when you remove half of your small intestine. Ah, if only I THIS mind-set THEN! 
From left to right: Calcium Citrate lozenges, Chewable High Potency Multivitamin, Chewable High Potency Iron, Biotin, (all of those are from a special company that makes vitamins that can be absorbed by people who have had this surgery. Most over the counter stuff just goes right through without being absorbed), Fish Oil, Silica and prescription strength Vitamin D that I take once weekly.
Sunshine #2 is awake and ready to eat. NOW my day REALLY starts!
After everyone is fed and dressed, housework begins! I don’t know what it is with these boys. Riley LOVES to do laundry. He’ll stand there and watch the clothes for-ever! And Ryder LOVES the vacuum. It will lull him to sleep every time. Maybe this means they’ll be great cleaners when there teenagers! 
Dare to dream…dare to dream…

Now we’re off to run errands. Riley’s face says it all…
We’re back home and it’s lunchtime! Both Rance and Riley miss turkey sandwiches so I’ve been on the hunt for a soy version that was decently priced and tasted good. Today, I found it! Along with some Vegan cheese that wasn’t half bad either.

Kid approved!

Now it’s time for MY lunch. I think the trick is with feeling satisfied with “just a salad” is texture. Texture and layers of flavors. I love to use different kinds of beans, seeds, avocado, both raw veggies AND cooked ones. I love steaming kale and putting that on top. Fresh herbs are great too. You could do a black bean, corn, cilantro salad with mango salsa on top… Oooo boy! Also adding some kind of fruit is a must. It gives you just enough sweetness so you won’t crave any dessert afterwards. Then I dress it with flavored vinegar. Strawberry balsamic, Raspberry wine vinegar, Rice vinegar… whatever I like! Plus, I like to go BIG! The more veggies the better! No one I’ve ever known got to be overweight by chowing down on some veggies.

Protein: 24 grams PPV: 7
*Only 10 grams left to hit my protein goal for the day and I haven’t even had an afternoon snack OR dinner yet! Whoop!

My afternoon consisted mostly of folding clothes. 
Nothing spectacular. 
Ok, I DID go on Facebook for awhile… But hey! Who doesn’t these days? 
I also tried these new bars as an afternoon snack (along with an apple). I was pleasantly surprised at the taste, ingredients AND the protein count! Good going Weight Watchers!
Protein: 9 grams PPV: 3
I always enjoy the time in between snack and dinner. Why? My wonderful parents always come over to relieve me so I can make our dinner. It really is therapeutic for me!
Ah…the serenity that extra help brings! 
Tonight was Asian night in our house. My husband’s favorite! I decided I wanted to try and make my own mock sushi rolls minus the fish. I was super excited when I found these at WinCo.
Only ten calories a sheet and each sheet had a gram of protein. Every little bit helps! So the assembly of my first sushi rolls began with the spreading of a little miso paste. You can find this at your local health food store. Think of it as a paste version of soy sauce.
Then I added brown rice, avocado, bell pepper, cucumber, sesame seeds and a dash of Braggs Liquid Aminos.

Then I rolled them up into a roll and sliced them.

How adorable and yummy were these?! So good that I ate 3 entire rolls by myself! Yeah, I don’t mess around. Total protein count for the three I ate was 10 and a PPV of 5 total. 
If your counting, you will know now that I am at a protein count of 73 and 22 Points Plus Value for the day BEFORE my dinner. Pretty cool right? 
Dinner was an easy stir fry. I found these amazing noodles at the 99 cents only store of all places. The entire bag was only 190 calories and we only used 1/3! They were 100% fat free, had less then 5 ingredients and were ready in under 10 minutes! Fabulous!

I then stir fried some veggies with a little bit of miso paste from earlier and added some fresh ginger. Added in the noodles and dinner was done! Quick, easy, tasty and healthy!

Protein: 3 grams PPV: 2 (I know, right?!)

The grand total for protein today was 76 grams and a daily points target of 24. I was full all day long and never felt deprived. It’s really all about planning and educating yourself on what exactly is in your food and getting the most nutritional bang for your buck. Everything else comes as a positive side effect.

Our day concludes with my amazing husband coming home…

I make his food for the next day while cleaning the kitchen. He’s got a “turkey & cheese” sandwich on sprouted grain bread with Veganaise, veggies with hummus, soy yogurt, apples, banana and a breakfast burrito with potato, beans, avocado, kale and salsa. Rolled in a sprouted grain tortilla. Yum!

And then we all hang out and watch a movie in Riley’s room…

So there you have it.

A typical day for me.

For US.

I just love the picture below. It came out blurry and I almost deleted it when my husband says to me, “Don’t erase it! That’s a GOOD picture! They all don’t have to be perfect.

And you know something, he’s right.

Life isn’t always perfect or crystal clear. It’s those “fuzzy” moments that we love and look forward to. The unscripted and unpredictable are what make this life worth living. We may not understand everything nor can we make EVERY right choice EVERYDAY. But we can choose to move towards our individual goals and strive to be better in this one life we’ve been given.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. ” -Romans 12:2

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marty says:

    Truly an amazing story which will continue to get a lot better as we all will stride to live a healthier plant base life's. Thank you so much for guiding your mom and I thru this wonderful journey. May I add one more comment; I'm so proud to call you my “baby girl”! 🙂


  2. Unknown says:

    Question for you. I'm a gastric bypass patient too and I just had my 10th post-surgery anniversary in September. I have never really been able to eat the great leafy veggies due to extremely uncomfortable gas. (We're talking I wanna cry type pain and I can stink myself out of my office with raw veggies) How do you handle that? I know several GB patients with the same problem so I know it's not just me but if you have a thought on a remedy I'm all ears.


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