Wife AND Husband

Yes, that’s me. More then 11 years ago. Just a girl loving her grease and glitter…

To this! A girl who could (and did!) run a half marathon! And did a Mud Run! Oh what a journey it’s been. Up, down and around. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would become a Vegan. Or as my husband says, “I don’t like that word, ‘VEGAN’. I prefer to tell people that I’m not Vegan, I just DON’T eat animal products“.

Yeah, it was a Jim Halpert moment for me too when he said that. God bless my husband though. The manliest of men gone plant-based.

His love for meat was close to his love for me…

Now THAT’S deep.
I couldn’t do this without him. He’s my best friend and through it all he’s been there supporting me and keeping an open mind. No one would have expected him to jump right in with me. Not even him. But he has and we all feel better because of it. The thought of knowing that our lives have been extended by this change is amazing! Going from big hunks of artery clogging meat to dishes that look like this and help us to thrive!
 A united family is unstoppable. Wife, husband and children all eating the same healthy diet is empowering. 
Yes, our toddler is eating plant-based too!
We live in a watching world and it’s my wish that others will take note and be inspired to change their lives. To quote my dear Dr. Esselstyn, “Some people think the “plant-based, whole foods diet” is extreme.  Half a million people a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn onto their coronary artery.  Some people would call that extreme.”

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